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English coaching business

In order to be able to speak English,
The time to go abroad is over.

Multinationalization, Japanese people's interest in English has increased further, and in the next 10 years, Japanese people will have considerable English skills,

It's an era where it's default to have foreigners and half at school.

English x coaching + face-to-face or online lessons to be able to speak English in earnest!

With foreigners in English in just 4 months
Towards an era of communication

It is a fact that there are still many people who are resistant to English in the current situation.

However, in today's world of media overload,

It is also true that you need to scrutinize the information yourself.


By becoming able to use English freely, you will be able to access more information and broaden your scope of work.


How can you speak English?

In line with the "Second Language Acquisition Theory (SLA)" used when understanding other languages, we will take turns approaching and challenging each person's weaknesses in communication and finding their weaknesses.

listening skills

 speech perception   +    understanding the meaning  


 vocabulary data 

 grammar data 

​ Example data 

​Speaking ability

  conceptualization…concrete words in the brain

  documented …actually write it down in your mind

 Voiceization…send to the other party      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb35dba5db38bb3


Peony English thinks,
The most important thing in English conversation


Is there anyone around you who speaks native or business level English in an English conversation room?

The answer should be NO.

Because the most important thing to learn English is

This is because if possible, you will be able to use English freely even in Japan.

Tailor-made, personalized lessons

In the case of Mr. A who wants to be able to communicate at work

Middle and high school English comprehensive review


​ Output special training

according to progress

+ Business level special training

In the case of Mr. B, who wants to be able to watch foreign movies without subtitles

English grammar check


Strengthen listening

according to progress

+Strengthen reading

In the case of Mr. C who can use English a little but wants to be able to have a deeper conversation

With teaching materials such as overseas news

shadowing special training


Speaking enhancement training

according to progress

+ Enhanced lighting, etc.

customer's voice


With Peony English coaching, I feel sick if I don't learn English, and my resistance to foreigners has disappeared.


Through 4 months of study, I was motivated to learn English from hating English to business level next.


By submitting a diary every day and having it graded, I became clear about the grammar and how to access information.


I was able to hear the listening questions that I could not catch at all by specializing in listening.


Can talking to a beautiful woman make you healthier?

Only 5 minutes! Men are healthy when they talk to beautiful women. Scientifically confirmed! ―Rice research---


On October 3, 2009, according to the Hong Kong Newspaper and the Daegu, a study by the University of California, USA found that talking to a beautiful woman for five minutes increases male hormone levels by nearly 50%, which is beneficial to health. rice field.


According to a study conducted by the same university on 149 male students, male hormones such as testosterone and cortisone, which have anti-pressure effects, decreased by 4% and 48, respectively, when a man talked to a woman for just five minutes. % also increased rapidly.


On the other hand, these male hormones decreased when men talked to male researchers for five minutes. This proves that talking to women not only makes men energized and more alert, but also helps them relax. Experts say a five-minute conversation is enough, not much different from a longer conversation. Also, talking to a more beautiful woman is more effective.


The aim is to make use of this [anti-pressure effect] for your own learning.

In addition to the staff's English level, there is a facial examination system such as aspiring to be a model.

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