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without going abroad
Toward an era where you can use English 

― Aiming for the Future, Thoughts, and Stories ―

There are still few Japanese people who can communicate in English, and I believe this is one of the reasons why Japanese people are looked down upon even overseas.

Also, Japanese people lack the ability to express themselves when they listen to music. I want them to feel the joy of listening to music and dancing while they are children, and I want them to experience the joy of learning a language.

Everybody never too late to grow up!

And we know there will be an English divide in the next 10 years.

There is a large gap between those who can speak at a native level and those who cannot speak at all, and the difference in the amount of information will appear. I have a desire to improve so that I can provide services that can feel it.


Sazuki Baba


What is PEONY?

―Introduction of company and president―

Sazuki Baba / Vivian

Started ballet at the age of 5, and after graduating from high school, went to Europe, Hungary and Switzerland alone for ballet. After returning to Japan, she put her English skills to good use and worked on an English ballet project at an international school.Currently, there are more than 10 registered instructors nationwide.First-class dancers who have experienced the opening of the Rio Olympics, Florida Disney dancers, dancers who have experience in overseas ballet companies, and other foreign and Japanese instructors who have received training in the program many times are active in kindergartens, nursery schools, and international schools. For kindergartens and nursery schools that are considering introducing English dance classes, please contact us. We are actually operating in Sendai, Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Chiba.

Classes are available nationwide. (Both face-to-face and online are possible)

From the experience of becoming a ballet teacher at an international school, he is good at anchoring the English level of individuals and coaching everyone from students to managers to become able to speak English. Respond to various levels and play an active role.

Combining second language acquisition theory with a unique method, it supports a variety of English levels.

Baba isAfter being closely interviewed for a month on TBS TV's "Kata Kara Irimita", the broadcast ended without incident.


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・TBS TV “I entered from the shape”

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