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Hobby x English

Management of English × hobby classes

Project overview/characteristics of this project

Starting with ballet and dance classes in English, the "Hobbing English Project" will be implemented at nursery schools, kindergartens, and schools nationwide to take advantage of the second careers of professionals who were active overseas and incorporate professional work into early childhood education. Expand"Peony Hobbyinglish school" scheduled to open!




Classes for dance/ballet, etc.

(Hobby x English)

English x Hobbies = Learn languages and hone your skills
Two birds with one stone class

  •  Modern people often have too much content and not enough time.

  • Therefore, in order to actively incorporate English education in addition to learning classical ballet or dance in a lesson of about one hour, lessons are conducted in English.

  • Aiming to be able to speak English by actively using English in the lesson, learn ballet technique and English technique in one lesson.


According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare,
Dance is a compulsory subject.

  • The reason for this is that in order to learn groupwork and teamwork unique to Japan, dance is learned by cooperating with each other. , the number of parents who want their children to learn ballet etc. will increase.

  • Also, English is already a compulsory subject, so it's only a matter of time before the number of lessons in English x 〇〇 increases.

  • In the future, English education will be reviewed, and higher quality will be required, and the number of Japanese who can speak English will increase, and the number of foreigners will also increase (in light of the situation where land is being sold to foreigners.)

  • We have already signed contracts with more than 10 international schools in total, and we feel that there is demand.

English x Lessons = What kind of class?

  • Make an introduction time in the lesson, and set aside time to sing and talk in English a little.
    (Kindergarten classes only).

  •   Ballet lessons are an example. Do the same as in class. First of all, we plan to introduce ballet and dance classes, and we plan to invite professionals with overseas experience to conduct their own classes.

  •  Classes for adults or infants depending on the situation.

Example: English x Hobbies
= What kind of effect can be expected?

Flexibility, English ability, sense of sound (rhythm), ballet technique, trunk, resistance to foreigners disappears.

Experience classes held at an international school → If foreigners and wealthy people who are longing for interns gather along with it, a community (personal connections) can be expected.

Learning while moving is more effective

  • According to Toshio Moriya, professor emeritus at Tokyo University, muscles and the brain are closely related.

  • Exercising muscles increases BDNF, a type of protein found in the brain and blood.

  • BDNF has the function of increasing the number of nerve cells in the brain and improving memory and learning ability. The brain is also activated, making it easier to memorize, and learning efficiency increases.

  •  By using this principle, we will hold classes such as ballet and dance while using English, aiming to establish English more.

  • In addition, it is possible that the state of the brain in which neurogenesis is promoted makes it easier to study after returning home.

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Why did you decide to do this business?


ballet experience


Ballet education experience at school


English education for children
interest in


at the Agency for Cultural Affairs


I want you to use it as an opportunity to improve your ability to communicate with others

  • After gaining ballet experience overseas and teaching ballet in English at an international school, we are able to hold classes in special needs classes for projects by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. I thought it would be interesting to incorporate the education of an international school.

  • It is because of children's interest in English education and the desire to improve their ability to communicate with others through physical activity. From the desire to experience various lessons and find your own [favorite thing].

  • At nursery schools and kindergartens, I felt skeptical about the kindergarten teachers making and practicing forced kurifuri at performances such as school arts festivals.

  •  I have doubts about the English education in this country, where there are many adults who cannot speak English even though English is taught up to junior high and high school.

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